Free Agent Wish List for 2016

I recently looked at a list of prospective free agents and to take a peak at the prospective salary outsource project at

Here is the list of free agents I think the Royals should target:

I figure the following positions (LF, RF, 2B, and SP (2)) need to be addressed.

LF and RF

Alex Gordon (31 years old) - .271/.377/.432 free agent offer 5 years/$90 million

- Longest tenured position player, likely to take a hometown discount, the length and amount would be Royals records for a free agent (upside - plate production, gold glove defense and downside - could be injury history and decline in later years of contract)

Gerardo Parra (28 years old) - .291/.328/.452 free agent offer 3 years/$24 million

- Excellent defensive outfielder (big arm, gold glover in Arizona) who can play both corner positions, high contact hitter, improved power numbers in 2015 (upside – defense, plate production from a hole in lineup (RF) and downside – exposure to LH pitching, injury)

Starting Pitchers

Brett Anderson (27 years old) – 180.1 innings, 3.69 ERA (3.94 FIP), 66.3 GB%, 5.79 K/9, 2.3 BB/9

- Free agent offer 3 years/33 million

- Upside – still young, experienced with time in Oakland and LAD, pitches to contact

- Downside – Lengthy injury history, when healthy top line pitcher (2016 should be a great year if healthy)

Ian Kennedy (30 years old) – 168.1 innings, 4.28 ERA (4.51 FIP), 38.5 GB%, 9.3 K/9, 2.78 BB/9

- Free agent offer 3 years/36 million

- Upside – lots of strikeouts, might come cheaper with poor season, was a CY candidate for ARI

- Downside – Was absolutely destroyed by LH, fly ball pitcher in fly ball park still gave up way too many HRs (Petco)

Scott Kazmir (31 years old) – 183.0 innings, 3.10 ERA (3.98 FIP), 42.9 GB%, 7.62 K/9, 2.9 BB/9

- Free agent offer 3 years/42 million

- Upside – Accurate, lots of experience with AL hitters

- Downside – Lengthy injury history, when healthy top line pitcher, how many more miles on the arm are left

If the Royals sign Gordon, Parra, Anderson, Kennedy, and resigning Chris Young (2 years/$4 million) the payroll increase for those five would total: $51 million

Coming off the books are Rios ($12.5 million option, $1.5 buyout exercised), Gordon ($14 million), Guthrie ($10 million, $3.2 buyout exercised), and Holland ($8.25 million) totaling: $40.05 million

If free agency fails here are some in house options:

LF and RF (age at start of spring training 2016)

Bubba Starling (23 years old) - .254/.318/.426 at AA 91 games, .386/.471/.614 at A+ 12 games

Brett Eibner (27 years old) - .303/.364/.514 at AAA 103 games

Lane Adams (26 years old) - .226/.305/.374 at AAA 37 games, .298/.360/.466 at AA 97 games

Jose Martinez (27 years old) - .384/.461/.563 at AAA 98 games

- Bubba Starling (currently hitting .302/.368/.558 with 4 HRs) in Arizona Fall League

- Lane Adams (currently hitting .272/.316/.500 with 8 2Bs, and 3 HRs) in the Venezuela Winter League

- Jose Martinez (currently hitting .314/.406/.477 with 4 2Bs, and 2 HRs) in the Venezuela Winter League

- Brett Eibner has been selected to represent USA in the USA Baseball Premier12


Christian Colon (26 years old) - .290/.356/.336 at MLB 43 games, .281/.353/.344 at AAA 51 games

Ramon Torres (23 years old) - .257/.287/.323 at A+ 71 games, .275/.338/.402 at AA 51 games

Whit Merrifield (27 years old) - .265/.317/.364 at AAA 135 games

- Ramon Torres (currently hitting .308/.341/.513 with 3 2Bs, 1 HR) in Arizona Fall League

DH/1B (best name in the Royals minors)

Balbino Fuenmayor (26 years old) - .377/.371/.580 at AAA 16 games, .354/.386/.591 at AA 73 games

Starting Pitcher

Kyle Zimmer (24 years old) - reports that strikeout stuff is still there, control/stamina/injury concerns

Miguel Almonte - debuted in MLB, control and homerun plagued in brief MLB stint

Here is Sports Illustrated’s article on the Royals Off-Season also worth a look

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