Through the Looking Glass: An Outsider’s Appreciation of KC’s Spirit

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
It’s a cliché term in sports, and one that is overused every year, but the 2015 World Series Champion Royals were resilient. They would not be denied. KC embodied that quality more than any team I have seen throughout my sports fandom.

I’m an outsider looking in. Born and raised in San Diego, I grew up playing every sport out there. Year round, I was lacing up and competing. Even though my love for basketball began to overshadow the others, I still hold a passion for baseball today.

I know the sports misery and bad luck that KC has gone through the past 29 years. I have been through it with a dismal sports history (and future outlook) in San Diego, and maybe that is why I rooted against the Royals every step of the way.

I pulled for the Astros, became invested in the Blue Jays and went against my beliefs to adopt a supporting attitude for the Mets. Every time Familia stepped on the rubber I couldn’t watch. Each booted ball by Daniel Murphy made me leave the room and all of Terry Collins’ questionable decisions elicited a yell at the TV. To anyone around me who didn’t know better, I was a diehard Mets fan.

It’s not that I was pulling for the Mets as much as I was strongly pitted against the Royals. I couldn’t bear the thought of them winning and I had no idea why. Maybe it was the lack of a powerful, flashy lineup or the fact that, deep down, I wanted KC to continue to suffer along with me. I couldn’t stand the idea of a Royals World Series win, until, that is, the final strike crossed the plate. When the fielders gloves shot into the air and the players on the bench flooded onto the field, a smile emerged on my face.

The raw emotion and elation on the field overshadowed any unwarranted disdain I had for KC. I took a step back and realized the spectacle of sports and why I loved them so much. Sports play a role in almost everyone’s life, a role that is filled by nothing else.

I’m in no way a Royals fan now, but the patience of GM Dayton Moore, the hard work from the players and the dedication of the fans is enviable. It’s what you want to see as a sports fan. From top to bottom, the 2015 Royals were a model team. They deserved to raise the Commissioner’s Trophy and bring a long awaited parade to the streets of KC. It made me excited for the day that I can join one of my favorite teams in a celebration. It made me excited for the years to come. It made me excited to be a sports fan.


Despite finishing with the best record in the AL, many looked past the Royals towards the team up north to emerge from the AL. They came back to destroy the hopes of a surprise Astros team. They shut down the hottest lineup in baseball to beat another desperate franchise and they devastated the underdogs who many spectators learned to love during October to finally raise their second World Series banner in Kauffman Stadium. The Royals beat the odds and every challenge presented to them along the way, yet one thing remained constant throughout… They expected this to happen.

KC fought through every obstacle because they needed another shot at postseason glory that was cruely ripped away from them the previous year. It’s something any sports fan can applaud no matter what sport, team or city they favor.

In spite of my jealousy, I’m thrilled for Royals fans, but I ask one thing. Remember this season and the feeling it supplied you because its a rare occasion. For those who have been along the ride and even those who just started, relish in this team and season because it might be another 29 years until it rolls around again.

Not many teams will continue to fight for as long as this Royals team did, but it wasn’t just the team that embodied this fighting spirit. It was the whole of the KC Royals franchise; the players, the front office and the fans all proved their unrivaled resilience.

Cheers and congratulations on a well deserved Championship!

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