Royals Offseason Preview

Everybody knows by now. Alex Gordon is a free agent. Ben Zobrist is a free agent. Ryan Madson is a free agent. I am going to give a take on what, if I were Dayton Moore, would try my best to do.

  1. Alex Gordon comes back- I understand that the Royals haven't given a contract of more than $55 million. The Royals also haven't needed somebody back as much as we need Gordon back. He is the face of the franchise. He is, in my opinion, the heart and leader of the team. We have reached the top of the baseball world. To stay, Gordon has to be back. Projected contract: 5 years, $85 million
  2. Mid-Level starting pitcher- Think Edinson Volquez again. Someone like Marco Estrada/Yovani Gallardo/Scott Kazmir/Mike Leake. All are decent veteran options that could eat some innings for us. Projected Contract: 3 years, $30 million
  3. Buy low SP: I actually have someone in mind here, and I'd like to hear what you think about it. Mat Latos had a terrible year last year. Maybe this will turn some teams off him. He is only one year removed from a 3.25 ERA in Great American. He will be 28 all of next season. Entice him with a bounce-back one year deal in Kauffman, where if he pitches well, can get a lucrative multi-year deal he's been looking for. Projected Contract: 1 year, $8 million
  4. Resign Ryan Madson- I doubt Holland will be back. Let's keep one of our best bullpen pieces. Projected Contract: 2 years, $10 million
Those are the three big things I believe need to happen for us this offseason. It would drastically raise our payroll, but it would help us compete for the next few years. As for people wanting to sign a corner outfielder, I am comfortable with a platoon of Dyson/Orlando.

Last but certainly not least, Go Royals!!

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