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Royals Rumblings - News for November 9, 2015

Let's just check and...yep, the Royals are still the best baseball team on the planet. Cool.

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Royals Rumblings - News for November 9, 2015

There are Go Fund Me pages about keeping Alex Gordon and Ben Zobrist in KC because of course there are.

In the last few days at least two Go Fund Me pages have been set up for the boys in blue. Their goal - to raise $1.5 million between the two of them in an effort to keep both Alex Gordon and Ben Zobrist playing for the Kansas City Royals by showing them just how much KC fans love the players.

"We're in the second smallest market in MLB," wrote John Karpinski, the creator of the Go Fund Me Page, 'Keep Gordon and Zobrist in KC '.

"The funds we have to keep our players is limited due in part to lower media contracts with Radio and TV."

Speaking of free agents, Royals representatives will be at the General Manager Meetings.

The chief concerns are plugging vacancies in both outfield corners, while fortifying the starting rotation and bullpen, Moore explained a conversation with reporters last week. The Royals are not expected to engage in serious negotiations with starter Johnny Cueto. But they will pursue Alex Gordon, the face of the franchise, and Ben Zobrist, the super-utility man who arrived midseason from Oakland.

The prospect of re-signing both is remote. Even inking one will be a challenge. The Royals’ payroll is expected to surpass last year’s total of more than $120 million, but Moore insisted their financial philosophy will not change, even after reaping the spoils of a title.

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Outfield prospect and Johnson County native Bubba Starling is doing quite well in the Arizona Fall League.

KC Royals prospect Bubba Starling is continuing his 2015 breakout at the plate by hitting .308/.326/.558 with four home runs in 14 games in the Arizona Fall League (AFL). His performance bodes well for the Kansas City Royals, with starting outfielders Alex Gordon and Alex Rios free-agents this winter.

The 23-year-old Starling is a former no. 5 overall draft pick in 2011, who has struggled at the plate until this season. This spring, Bubba Starling slashed .386/.471/.614 at the difficult High-A Wilmington and quickly earned promotion to AA NW Arkansas. Starling then went on to post a solid .254/.318/.426 for the Travelers.

Vahe Gregorian takes a look at the transformation of Luke Hochevar, former bust and most recent winner of a World Series game.

The masters of the astounding comeback are composed of that character through and through; the stuff that coursed through the collective bloodstream first flowed in each individual one, too.

"They all have a story," general manager Dayton Moore said, "and it’s a story that’s very special."

The man in this particular scene is Luke Hochevar, the winning pitcher in the game that absolved decades of futility, acquitted the work of Moore and left none other than George Brett calling this the best Royals team "ever!"

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