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Royals Rumblings - News for December 10, 2015

Let's wrap up the Winter Meetings.

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Royals Rumblings - News for December 10, 2015

Dayton Moore seems frustrated at the state of the free agent outfield market.

If Kansas City cannot ink Gordon, the team will turn to a more affordable tier of outfielders. But the competition for players like Gerardo Parra or Denard Span could drive the cost past the comfort zone of a team like the Royals. So the team could also pursue less expensive options like Austin Jackson or Travis Snider.

On Tuesday, Moore declared that Jarrod Dyson would occupy one of the corner outfield spots on a regular basis. A day later, he expressed his confidence that the team could survive without making any outfield additions, utilizing Paulo Orlando plus a pool of minor-leaguers like Brett Eibner, Reymond Fuentes and Jose Martinez to fill the rest of the outfield void.

"We’re still in the market for a starting pitcher, and we do want to acquire an outfield bat," Moore said. "But we also know this, that if we do nothing in the outfield, we’re going to be very good defensively. We’re going to have speed, and we’re going to have upside."

Craig Brown at Royals Authority looks at the possibility of Jarrod Dyson getting more playing time.

Dyson is eligible for arbitration for the second time and MLB Trade Rumors estimates he will earn in the neighborhood of $1.7 million. That’s certainly a less expensive option than anything the team could get on the free agent market. Over the last four years as a fourth outfielder, Dyson averaged 2.2 fWAR. Steamer projects him for 1.6 fWAR as a full-time player, but I think the system is underselling his defense. It’s not a stretch to imagine him topping his 2.2 fWAR average, which would make him a great value for the Royals...

Except I keep coming back to the Royals current payroll situation and how the core group will be together for the next two seasons. It doesn’t feel like the time for settling for a fourth outfielder as an upgrade. However, if that fourth outfielder gives the team the payroll flexibility to go big in left field to bring Alex Gordon back in the fold, then sign me up. That’s really the only way this makes sense.

David Lesky at Pine Tar Press thinks free agent pitcher Scott Kazmir would fit in well in Kansas City.

I really like the idea of Kazmir both pitching in a park like Kauffman Stadium and in front of a defense like the Royals. Being able to work with Dave Eiland is appealing as well. I just think the fit is really good, and I don’t have a great reason for it other than that it’s a good formula for most pitchers around the game. I mean, you see the numbers. He’s a lefty starter who can get you to the seventh on most nights and pitch well while doing it. There’s nothing wrong with that.

When you add in that he didn’t receive a qualifying offer due to being traded during the season, it makes him an even more attractive option. Not having to lose a draft pick and getting a guy who is a legitimate number three with number two-type potential is huge. Then you see what the Royals need in their rotation and realize that adding Kazmir to Edinson Volquez, Yordano Ventura, Kris Medlen and Chris Young could make them a far more formidable unit than the one they took the field with on opening day last year. All of that is great.

Longtime Royals player and coach Jamie Quirk returns to the organization to manage the Class A Wilmington Blue Rocks.

Bill Dietrich, Executive Director of the Downtown Council, predicts there will be discussions to move the Royals downtown within five years.

Royals Director of Baseball Analytics John Williams is cited by his alma mater, MIT, for his World Championship.

Julianna Zobrist pens a farewell letter to Royals fans.

Ben Zobrist supposedly turned down more money from the Giants and Nationals to sign with the Cubs.

The Nationals weren’t close in the sweepstakes because Zobrist didn’t feel as comfortable in the Nationals clubhouse, according to another person familiar with the situation.

You don't say.

Moose is eating right!

Johnny Cueto's agent thinks St. Louis is a good fit for his client.

The Royals get to face Brett Lawrie 19 times a year in a White Sox uniform.

The Astros address their bullpen issues by trading for closer Ken GIles.

The Orioles offered Chris Davis $150 million and its probably not enough.

Grant Brisbee reviews the stunning Shelby Miller deal.

MLB recommends expanded netting to protect fans at stadiums.

Meg Rowley at Baseball Prospectus writes about how the sports world frequently flubs how to talk about domestic violence.

This "girls' guide to faking an interest in sports" article is just awful.

Former Chiefs coach Herm Edwards goes on a rant.

The MLS is hoping their new rules will lead to a higher quality in player in the league.

The Big 12 should not listen to critics who argue they need to have a conference championship football game.

Working from home isn't as great as it sounds.

Is Verizon blocking an open internet?

Here are your 2016 Screen Actor Guild Award nominations.

The New York Times picks its best TV shows of 2015.

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