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Royals Review Radio: Episode 14 - The Johnny "Ugly" Dickshot Episode

What does a name even mean...

"I've got a dust river in my head, a river of names endlessly repeating. That dirty water rises in me, all those children screaming out their lives in my memory, and I become someone else, someone I have tried so hard not to be."

One finds out quickly in life at some point that they have no control over their name, initially. For better or for worse we are given labels in the form of a first, last, and sometimes middle name. Some are born into a name like Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, and Rothschild. Other having more mediocre and less relevant names such as Johnson, Smith, and Newkirk.

Until some legal requirement we are stuck with our names. Even worse, names we aren't born with are given to us in cruelty. Names that are used to denigrate, torture, and embarrase. Names can be a blessing or a curse. You can be a Rockefeller or a Mud. Nunamaker or Dirt.

In this episode we dissect such a topic, though we do so in a jovial manner, and at the expense of both the named...and the listener.

Guests on this episode (with their twitter handles linked) are editor-in-chief Max Rieper, pop cultured Josh Duggan, Syrian refugee volunteer Joshua Ward. I am your usual humble host, Shaun Newkirk.

Topics include:

Shaun doesn't know Hall of Famers

Playing a game of: I'll give you a player name, you tell me what decade they played in

Harlond Clift

Perhaps inefficiently signing Joakim Soria

Not the Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill

Royals comprehensible but perhaps also unexplainable payroll spending

The West Wing, goodbye...

Clint Robinson

Losing Ben Zobrist

Jesse Barfield

Who can the Royals sucker into acquiring Omar Infante

Chuck Knoblach

Alex Gordon is going to sign with the T-Bones

Dummy Hoy

Jose Martinez: not necessarily that old and maybe is Richie Sexson

Pie Traynor

Playing the: How many top 100 prospects would this player get? game

Red Schoendienst

Not talking about Jason Kendall and he is absolutely not a Hall of Famer, don't even bring it up

Johnny "Ugly" Dickshot


Introduction: Adele - Hello

Outro: Dr. Hook - Sylvia's Mother