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Community OT: DIY for the Jilted Generation

I got the poison. I got the remedy. Or maybe you do.

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

It's that glorious day of the week in which the majority of us say goodbye to work for a delightful two days before the specter of labor grabs hold of us again. On this last workday of the week, we need a distraction, a means by which to while away our time while giving the misdirection that we are still plugging away at our work stations.

This is that distraction.

Rules are loosely as follows:

  • ask any question you like of the commentariat
  • ask as many as your heart desires, but be sure to start a new comment with a new question
  • if you are grabbing onto the comment section third rails of religion or politics, you best come correct and make sure to avoid incendiary nonsense
  • be excellent to each other
Party on, dudes and dudettes!