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New Year's Open Thread

Ring in the New Year with your second life friends, just talkin' 'bout whatever.

Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

You'll all no doubt find different ways to ring in your New Year's Eve and Day--likely not deciding to binge-watch a middling show that premiered on PlayStation Network while piecing together a slew of Better Know a Commenters--but if I know you, you'll be missing Royals Review.

While it's unlikely that any Royals news will draw you here short of Alex Gordon signing on a holiday because Dayton Moore likes to dump big signings on Friday afternoons and holiday weekend eves, you can certainly come back to this space to talk about the movie you saw or the [Corporate Sponsor] Bowl game that just crushed your spirit.

So spend your four days (one of which you'll no doubt be suffering through an epic hangover) talking with us. I'll be lonely. Keep me company.

Make the space whatever you would like it to be. Community OT. Reflect on the year in [insert topic here]. Hell, just watch the World Series over again and tell us what you thought.