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The latest on Ben Zobrist as he meets with teams

Its....not looking good.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Free agent Ben Zobrist has begun his tour of meeting teams interested in him, and he has no shortage of suitors. He traveled to New York today to meet with the Mets, who gave him a full tour of the city.

Tough to compete with "grass" for families. The Mets have also reportedly softened their stance against giving Ben Zobrist a four-year deal.

The Dodgers have turned their attention to Chase Utley instead of Ben Zobrist as they look to cut payroll. The Braves are still in, but the Cardinals may be out.

Up next is a trip to the West Coast for Ben Zobrist, where he'll meet with the Giants.

Here is what beat writer Andy McCullough said about the Royals and Zobrist in his chat session this afternoon:

Zobrist wants to play second base. The Royals are already paying a good chunk of cash to Omar Infante. Perhaps you can see why I've been writing for weeks that the Royals won't sign him.

There are a lot of smoke screens and false rumors this time of year, but you may want to hold off on buying that Ben Zobrist Royals jersey for now.