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Royals FanFest looked like a lot of fun

Let's get ready for baseball season.

The Royals drew some record crowds to FanFest this year at Bartle Hall in downtown Kansas City. Guess what? People like a winning ballclub. Especially ones with accessible and interesting ballplayers who legitimately seem to enjoy being professional ballplayers. Here are some of the news and notes from this year's FanFest.

Don't ever change, Salvy.

Yikes, look at the size of that cast. Anyone know where one can send "Get Well" flowers? Asking for a friend.

Do they even score as many runs as a bunt? I don't think so.

Uh, so you were just swinging at everything for the fun of it?

Ned Yost: Silicon Valley Maven

Who is giving who tips?

Adding that he rested by catching doubleheaders in a pickup league in Venezuela.

Thanks, Aramark.

Kris Medlen: Future Royals manager.

Luke Hochevar: Not a Doctor

Hello, gorgeous.

Glass reportedly took everyone for shots at McFadden's after FanFest and picked up the tab.


Of course.

Did any of you attend FanFest? What was your experience like?