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Royals Review Radio, Episode 1: The "We're American League Champs!" Edition

The Kevins talk Trustin' the Process.

Run time: 1 hour 13 minutes

In this inaugural episode of Royals Review Radio, host Max Rieper talks to staff writers Shaun Newkirk and Josh Duggan about the wheelin' and dealin' moves Dayton Moore made this winter. In the second segment, Max brings on buddy Brennen Garry to reminisce about the World Series, talk off-season moves, and talk about playing with some Royals legends.

Its our first podcast, so give us your feedback below in the comments.

This podcast is on Soundcloud for now, we'll be moving to Blog Talk Radio in the future and making podcasts available on iTunes. We'll keep you updated.

Special thanks to The Flesh Lights for providing the music for the podcast. Their new album is "Free Yourself", available here. (Intro song, "Just About Due", bumper and closing credits song "Middle Aged Youth.")