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Royals Rumblings - News for February 19, 2015


Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Royals Rumblings - News for February 19, 2015

Andy McCullough provides all the details of Eric Hosmer's two-year deal with the Royals.

The dispute represented the lone hint of strife at an otherwise placid camp. With a settlement now in hand, Hosmer’s new contract serves as a reminder about how difficult it may be for the Royals to retain him as he approaches free agency.

Jeffrey Flanagan adds some perks with the deal.

Also, $10,000 per "YEAAAAARRRGGGHHH!"

Andy McCullough reports the Royals are considering going with an eight-man bullpen this year.

To hear manager Ned Yost tell it, the Royals could open the season with an eight-man bullpen, one more than the usual number of relievers. The extra pitcher would provide insurance if Hochevar needs extra time to ready himself for extended duty. "It depends on where Hoch is at," Yost said. "If we need to protect Hoch, then, probably. If we don’t need to protect Hoch, then probably not."...

Yost appears to favor southpaw Tim Collins and righty Louis Coleman. On the edge of the discussion is rookie Brandon Finnegan, though a sizable contingent of the baseball operations department would prefer Finnegan begins the season as a starter in the minors. The candidates for that extra spot in the bullpen include non-roster invitees like Casey Coleman, Chris Dwyer, Joe Blanton, Ryan Madson and Joe Paterson.

The Royals bullpen is their strength, therefore, they should have a 25-man bullpen. Its sound logic.

New Royals rightfielder Alex Rios is excited at the prospect of making the playoffs.

"I've had a long career without having a chance of experiencing a playoff game," Rios said recently. "I think this team, with what I saw last year, I think they have a pretty good chance -- we have a pretty good chance -- of doing that again."

Pitchers and catchers report today!!!!!!!!! but don't expect any baseball action.

The Royals offered a three-year $36 million deal to pitcher Francisco Liriano this past winter, but the Pirates outbid them. Andy McCullough earlier this week said that the Royals offered a four-year deal to outfielder Melky Cabrera.

Andy did another chat, reporting that the Royals think Mike Moustakas will turn the corner this year. Lotsa corners at Kauffman.

Ned Yost sat down with KMBC's Len Jennings to discuss hunting, Jeff Foxworthy, and the criticism from his mom.

Bo Jackson was on 610 Sports yesterday, and it was sensational.

Dave Cameron cites Scott McKinney's study on prospect failure rates to set up his study on veteran failure rates.

The Royals episode of "30 Clubs in 30 Days" on MLB Network will air March 16.

Kansas City musician David George has written a song about the Royals.

Grant Brisbee tries to pick the best over/under win totals for MLB teams in Vegas.

A-Rod is not the only one writing apology letters. He are some other apology letters surfacing around baseball.

"ESPN: The Movie" is happening. Help Deadspin cast it.

The great law school bubble burst may be claiming its first victim.

Sony is splitting up its business to rely on kids playing Playstation.

Norm MacDonald tweeted some great behind-the-scenes tales of the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary, including the sketch Eddie Murphy wouldn't appear in.

Vanilla Ice is in HOT WATER. HAHAHAHA! Get it? But seriously, he needs to get a lawyer.

Your song of the day is ZZ Top with "Just Got Paid."