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Royals vs. White Sox: Spring Training Game VII

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Chicago at Kansas City in Surprise. Welcome to the jungle.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremy Guthrie and the Royals will play host to their intradivisional foes that Pale Hoes--popularly but erroneously known as the Pail Hoes--in a preseason meaningless game for the ages.

The Royals hope to carry their spotless Cactus League record into Wednesday while the 2 - 3 South Siders send a pastry to the mound wearing the #83 jersey, Danish, to hopefully end the Royals loss-less streak at six. It is unknown what flavor, though knowing Chicago, it'll probably be something lame like lemon, so no one gets anything nice.

These are your lineups:

Reigning Cactus League and American League champs.


In generations to come, your children and grandchildren will surely ask where you were on this day. Make sure not to miss it. The audio for the game will be broadcast on 610 AM if you can get it over the air (don't bother streaming through the station's website) or through the MLB website with subscription.

Also Michael Taylor retired, presumably out of fear of playing the Royals.