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Royals Rumblings - News for March 12, 2015

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Split-squad, full squad, it don't matter. All we do is win.

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Royals Rumblings - News for March 12, 2015

It took only half a squad for the Royals to defeat both the Reds and the Padres yesterday, with Yordano Ventura looking much better in his second spring outing.

Starter Yordano Ventura, who allowed four runs in one inning in his last start, scattered four hits in three scoreless innings against the Padres. He struck out three, including Jedd Gyorko on a filthy curveball to end Ventura’s outing. "I’m feeling good and much better than the last time," Ventura said.

Ventura said afterwards, he'd like to be the Opening Day starter.

"I have been recently trying to make adjustments on and off the field," Ventura said through a translator. Those off-field moves include trying to do the things the coaching staff wants from the players without needing a reminder. That’s certainly important, but Yost is pleased with what he’s seen from Ventura on the field, too. Particularly on Wednesday.

"It’s about getting your work in and making adjustments, getting your timing," Yost said. "I thought he did a good job of it."

But what if he cries again?

Ned Yost expects Alex Gordon to begin getting in spring training games by early next week.

The Royals have scrapped their idea of using a "personal catcher" system to get Salvador Perez more rest.

General manager Dayton Moore indicated the front office and medical staff stood on the same page with Yost in terms of Perez’s playing time. Moore emphasized the folly of attempting to map out a season before it begins. "I think it’s dangerous sometimes to make advance decisions when it comes to lineups and matchups," Moore said. "There’s certainly tendencies and things that you talk about and try to prepare for. I don’t think it makes sense to make decisions before you have to."

Instead, Salvy will only play games on days ending with the letter "y".

Jesse Spector of "The Sporting News" has five bold predictions for the Royals.

The Royals had 10 players appear in 100 or more games last year, most in the American League and tied with the Brewers and Pirates for the major league lead. In fact, all 10 of those Royals who made triple-digit appearances played in at least 120 games, with that low figure belonging to Dyson, the regular contributor off the bench. The Royals also had four starting pitchers make at least 30 starts, with Duffy in the rotation for 25. It would be ghoulish to single out individuals who are going to suffer pain this year, and there is no suggestion that the Royals are about to embark on a 2014 Rangers-like season of misery, but there will be injuries, and the impact on a lineup that does not boast any kind of depth to speak of will be anything but negligible.

Will Ferrell's Cactus League adventure today won't include the Royals game against the Indians.

Matthew DeFranks of Fox Sports Kansas City likes the Royals depth at first base.

The Royals had a speaker to talk to them on how to prevent domestic violence.

ESPN (INSIDER) ranks the Royals tenth in baseball in its "Future Power Rankings" taking into account Major League talent, minor league system, revenues, management, and contract flexibility. The Red Sox are first, while the Philles are last.

Matt Waymire and Jeff Nelson of MLB Network break down the AL Central Division.

Russell Carlton wonders whether a six-man rotation would work.

How to visit every ballpark in 30 days.

Chris Sale is ruled out for Opening Day against the Royals due to foot injury.

Alex Rodriguez hits a home run, baseball is cancelled.

Gio Gonzalez is a super trooper, right meow.

Bless You Boys gives us the ABCs of hating the Tigers, as if we needed a guide.

Jeremy Maclin officially signs with the Chiefs. They may be adding an offensive lineman as well.

So what the heck is Chip Kelly doing anyway?

The Big XII Championship tournament got underway last night in Kansas City, with Kansas State ending its season with a loss to TCU.

Paris Saint-Germain stuns Chelsea by knocking them out of the Champions League.

"Breaking Bad" fans need to stop throwing pizzas on this elderly couple's house.

The best of the Frank Underwood truth bombs from "House of Cards."

A movie starring Oscar-nominated actors Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence and based on a best-selling novel went straight to video.

Your song of the day is Michael Penn with "No Myth."