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Royals Rumblings - News for March 16, 2015

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Hos is a wild stallion that cannot be tamed.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Royals Rumblings - News for March 16, 2015

Andy McCullough has a good piece on Eric Hosmer, who is in, surprise, the best shape of his life!

Instead Hosmer lingered in his room, unable to book a flight away from the stage of his greatest professional triumph, unwilling to show his face to the public. He skipped a postseason rally on Thursday morning. He feared he would weep in front of the fans.

"I couldn’t look anybody in the eye," Hosmer said. "There was a feeling like I let people down. We just knew that we were going to win. We knew it was going to happen."...

He emerged from this winter with 10 pounds of muscle added to his 6-foot-4 frame and a wealth of confidence as he prepares to answer the most pressing question facing the club in 2015: Is Eric Hosmer capable of replicating his October for an entire season?

Hosmer also adds that he is not looking to settle down any time soon, sorry ladies.

Ned is dropping some hints on what is starting lineup will look like.

Ned is also hoping to get 20-25 at bats from Alex Gordon before the season starts.

Matthew DeFranks at Fox Sports Kansas City writes that the Royals need Omar Infante to be healthy to solidify second base.

But the Royals will need more production out of the position, which posted a combined minus 1.3 wins above average (WAA) last year. Wins above average compares production to average major league players instead of minor leaguers, like wins above replacement (WAR) does. Only three American League teams had a worse WAA from second base.

If you missed the Weekend Rumblings, there was a great column from Joe Posnanski showing how far the Royals have come since their days of laughable spring training stories.

The Royals used to train in Florida, in an an old amusement park with an old roller-coaster track. The Royals called it "Baseball City," and that was the dateline we used. One year in Baseball City, Royals manager Tony Muser brought 69 players to camp, and he had them doing all sorts of wacky things. He had pitchers throw balls through chicken-wire strike zones. He marked an X on a baseball and, after batting practice, offered a C-note to the guy who could retrieve what (before Michael Lewis) he called the "moneyball." Watching those players knocking each other out of the way as they went to find the ball is one of the joys of my sportswriting life.

The Royals should have a decision on Brandon Finnegan's fate in the next week.

Visual evidence of Coach MITCH.

Kris Medlen could be one of the best values in baseball, if he's healthy.

Tigers catcher James McCann made a bird explode, if you needed more reasons to hate the Detroit Tigers.

Ben Lindbergh at Grantland looks at six factors that could stop the Dodgers.

Alex Skillin at Hardball Times looks at the origins of spring training.

RIP Al "The Hebrew Hammer" Rosen, a former American League MVP and a pennant-winning general manager later in life.

The Philadelphia Inquirer has a nice piece on the story of Jeff Francoeur, who is trying to make the big leagues again with the Phillies.

Another kids hate baseball story. Time to introduce "Poochie" as a baseball ambassador.

Hey, it was NCAA Selection Sunday yesterday. Did you get selected? Can you believe that team got seeded where they did? Outrageous! Here is your bracket of teams that will disappoint you. Nate Silver of Fivethirtyeight has his predictions.

If you prefer non-basketball brackets, Jon Bois has your "Worst Internet Things" bracket. I like "sportswriters tweeting from airports" as an upset special.

The Chiefs bring back defensive back Ron Parker on a five-year deal. Meanwhile, Dwayne Bowe visits the Browns.

Robert Durst, subject of the HBO documentary mini-series "The Jinx" was arrested over the weekend.

College presidents appear to be delusional about the rate of sexual assault on their campuses.

The film, music, and brands of SXSW.

Anyone go to Planet Comicon in Kansas City over the weekend? Speaking of conventions, former "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" star Nicholas Brandon was arrested for the third time in five months at ALT*Con.

The raunchiest jokes from the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber.

Your song of the day is Beck with "Sexx Laws" (mildly NSFW I guess?)