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Royals Review bracket challenge, 2015

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But...but...where are the pop tarts?

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

'March Madness,' for most sports fans, is the ultimate in basketball experience.  With the conference championships, NCAA tournament selection, and the ridiculousness of a high-stakes 64-team tournament with school pride and bracket pride on the line, the madness certainly pervades everywhere sports news reaches.

Printable NCAA Tournament bracket

For baseball fans like us, however, March is mad for a different reason--our beloved Kansas City Royals are playing baseball, actual baseball, against other professional teams.  Sure, the games don't count, but it's absolutely maddening to us to be so close to the real thing after months of coldness and inane questions about if Alex Gordon could have scored in Game 7 or not.

Fortunately, some of us can have our cake and eat it too.  Or broccoli, if you're still doing your New Year's diet (in which case good for you).  That is why I'm forming a friendly Royals Review only tournament challenge!

If you're interested in joining this delightful endeavor, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the ESPN Tournament Challenge at
  2. If you don't already have an ESPN profile, sign up-it's free and there are no emails involved
  3. Under the 'My Groups' tab click 'Find a Group' and search for 'Royals Review 2015' or click this link
  4. Enter the password of alchampions14
  5. You can then, under 'My Bracket,' choose your teams up to the first round of 64 begins

I'm sure those of you into the brackets will probably have multiple brackets, but here at Royals Review there can only be one champion.  Last year, 30 brackets were filled out. For posterity's sake, here are the top 10 from last year (apologies to whose RR screennames I am unable to discern):

1. Postal/Brian6095

2. Matthew LaMar

3. Nighthawk at the Diner

4. 1040X

5. ronleok

5. Sweep_the_Leg


7. jtr937

9. mwfootball47

10. aHWNN1

Good luck to you all,and may your brackets be busted as few times as possible.