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Spring Training Game XIV: Cleveland at Kansas City

Cleveland comes to Surprise. This means WAR.

Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

The REIGNING AMERICAN LEAGUE CHAMPION KANSAS CITY ROYALS play host to their intradivisional rivals, the Racists of Cleveland. The Royals, who have played four more games than the Dodgers, have a one-game lead on the second-place Trolley-Dodgers of The Angels who are leading the also-rans in the Cactus League. Of course, the Royals are in the midst of a two-game losing streak, so Kansas City needs to pull out of the tailspin before it's too late.

If ever there were a team that was not going to take any game lightly--exhibition or otherwise--it is the Kansas City Royals of 2015. While facing the evil Cleveland nine who choose to sport an ethnically charged moniker complete with a mascot derived from a racist caricature, the Royals will take no prisoners, especially since it will all be in the name of getting back in the win column.

Excelsior Springs native Shaun Marcum will face off against noted hater of racism, Yordano Ventura.

The lineups for this afternoon's tilt are as follows:




Hold onto your butts, kids. Hold onto your butts.

This afternoon's game will be broadcast over the airwaves on 610-AM in market or on MLB Gameday Audio.