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Royals vs. Cubs: Spring Training Game 15

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A preview of the epic clash to be witnessed at Wrigley this summer?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Cubs are serious about winning this year which is why they'll have one of their best young hitters - Kris Bryant - start the year in AAA. No really! Winning is important, didn't you see them sign Jon Lester? Our old friend Jon Lester won't start today (neither will Bryant, due to shoulder soreness), and pitcher Jason Hammel takes to the mound.

Here's your Erin-Go-Bragh lineup for the Royals.

Long live Andy McGaffigan.

I listened to Curtis Kitchen a bit on 810 this afternoon suggest that the Royals are pretty impressed with Ryan Jackson and Ryan Roberts for the reserve infield job and that Christian Colon could be shipped down to get him more at-bats in favor of a more sure-handed utility infielder. What do you think?