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Royals to make ten appearances on FOX networks

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Yay! More Joe Buck!

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

The FOX family of sports networks announced their broadcast schedule for the 2015 season and the Royals will make ten appearances on national or regional coverage, more than any other team except the Yankees. So get ready for more Joe Buck!

The following games will be broadcast on Fox networks:

Saturday, April 11 - Royals at Angels, 8pm (CT), Fox Sports 1

Saturday, May 9 - Royals at Tigers, noon (CT), Fox Sports 1

Saturday, May 23 - Cardinals at Royals, 6pm (CT), FOX

Saturday, May 30 - Royals at Cubs, 6pm (CT), FOX

Saturday, June 6 - Rangers at Royals, 1pm (CT), Fox Sports 1

Thursday, June 18 - Brewers at Royals, 7pm (CT), Fox Sports 1

Saturday, July 4 - Twins at Royals, 6pm (CT), FOX

Saturday, August 15 - Angels at Royals, 6pm (CT), Fox Sports 1

Saturday, September 12 - Royals at Orioles, noon (CT), FOX

Saturday, September 19 - Royals at Tigers, 6pm (CT), Fox Sports 1

Check local listings for where you can find Fox Sports 1 on your cable or satellite lineup.