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Minda's Pop-culture corner: Joyful indulgences

We've reached a point in Spring Training where interest has waned, and some Royals are putting up worrisome stats. Let's slide into a joyful place.

Ellie Kemper improved my mood this month as the lead in 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.'
Ellie Kemper improved my mood this month as the lead in 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.'
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Note: Minda is filling in for OMD because he has "work to do." What a flake.

This is a troubled time in the Royals Review community.

Our NCAA brackets are busted. Our team's starting pitchers are coughing up bajillions of runs in Arizona, and we don't know whether that matters or doesn't. We can't handle not knowing things! And while it is Friday, it's early in the day, so the office workers among us are still an arm's length away from the first weekend of spring.

So let's inject some joy into our day by sharing: What is something that has made you grin like a fool this month?

For me, it was watching all 13 episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in one day.

Netflix saved this series from limbo at NBC, where it likely would have died after a few episodes for being so weird, and for being on a post-Parks and Rec NBC, which is a wasteland.

The show was bizarre, and bounced so far off the wall I couldn't believe I was enjoying it. I never could stand 30 Rock precisely for its frenetically-paced weirdness, and this show comes from the same team and has a similar absurd flavor.

And yet, I watched, and quietly cursed Netflix for making me wait 19 whole seconds between episodes. Ellie Kemper's wide smile reached from the screen to my couch. I liked that her character, while left out of cultural advancement, was not stupid, nor oppressed. The writers remembered that she was out in society until 8th grade, so she knew what dancing was about before her 15 years in the bunker, giving her a frame of reference for realizing it's "about butts now."

Kimmy's first day in New York, where she's briefly confounded - but then delighted - by automatic sinks and hand dryers was an adorable gag and a good intro into her catching up from 15 years underground. And it was exactly the right length: any longer, and it would have devolved into cheap gags we've seen before (hello, Buddy the Elf!) without giving the character any room to be expressed. Instead, she plays like she knows what's going on while the people around her do modern-day normal things like take selfies and Skype with their mothers. Hashbrown: no filter.

Additionally, I just realized Titus includes the phrase 'Pinot Noir' in his one-man version of The Lion King.

The show made me smile, a lot. I like smiling, and it doesn't always happen in the Void between baseball seasons. So tell me: what makes you smile?