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Royals vs. Padres: Spring Training Game 18

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The Wil Myers trade is re-litigated.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Royals Review....After Hours. There is a $5 cover charge and a two drink minimum, and please remembrer to tip your waitresses.

The Royals and Padres will clash again tonight , meaning we get to run into old friends Wil Myers and James Shields again. You may remember Wil Myers triumphantly (tongue-in-cheek) proclaiming the James Shields/Wil Myers trade a winner for the Padres now that both players will be playing in sunny San Diego. But I couldn't really read much of what he said because I was re-watching the Royals appearance in the World Series.

The Royals pitching has been hit hard lately in Arizona. Chris "Forever" Young aims to change that.

Night baseball is back. Let's get nuts.