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Weekend Rumblings - News for March 21, 2015

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Stay on target, stay on target...

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Weekend Rumblings - News for March 21, 2015

Andy McCullough is certainly as close to the dirt as any reporter can be, so his predictions of the Royals' opening day roster carry weight.  Here's his thoughts on the final three spots in the bullpen:

Franklin Morales: His roster spot may have been assured before Collins went down, but he’s almost a lock now. He’s given up one run in seven innings.

Louis Coleman: He’s out of options. The team could try to hide Rule 5 pick Jandel Gustave on the roster all season to retain him. But that’s a suboptimal strategy for a team with World Series aspirations. Coleman fits the bill, though his leash will be short and his leverage will be low.

Brian Flynn: Yost has been impressed with Flynn, a 6-7 lefty acquired as part of the deal for Aaron Crow. He has outperformed Brandon Finnegan, the 2014 first-round pick who is still in the bullpen competition. Flynn resides on the 40-man roster, which aids his cause. He also serves as a serviceable placeholder until Hochevar returns from the disabled list.

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Though it seems like the Royals will go with 8 guys in the bullpen, Clark Fosler thinks that's just silly.

Holland, Davis and Herrera appeared in 65, 71 and 70 games respectively, with Aaron Crow pitching in another 67 (no comment).   After those four, the next most used reliever was Louis Coleman, who pitched 34 innings over 31 games.  He was closely followed by Francisley Bueno’s 30 games and 32 innings.  Let’s take a liberty or two here and combine the mid-season acquisitions of Jason Frasor (23 appearances) and Scott Downs (17 appearances) with Coleman and Bueno.  That would give Kansas City’s ‘fifth’ reliever (Coleman/Frasor) a season total of 54 games and 52 innings.  The Bueno-Downs sixth reliever would have totaled 47 appearances and 47 innings.

Now, the Royals are down to Tim Collins (22 appearances), Michael Mariot (17) and Casey Coleman (10).  Combined, that is 49 appearances and 58 innings for the seventh reliever.   So, exactly when does the eighth guy pitch?  Frankly, with Holland, Davis, Herrera, Frasor, Young and, come mid-April, Hochevar, when does the SEVENTH guy pitch?

We all want to remember the World Series, but perhaps it's best for the Royals and their fans to forget and focus on a new season.

Royals fanatics everywhere collectively held the air in their lungs as Alex Gordon got to third base and remained there.

The Kansas City Royals need to let that go. And we need to let that go. I won’t deny the World Series ended in a dramatic, albeit depressing, fashion that would have given Shakespeare fits of jealousy, but to be blunt, the Royals had ample opportunities in that game to even the score. Madison Bumgarner is the villain the Royals weren’t looking for nor deserved, but even he wasn’t present in Game Four’s shocking bullpen implosion.

It’s time to start fresh.

The USA Today previewed the Kansas City Royals as reporter Paul White visited Surprise.

"For the first time, all of our planning is to go deep into October," Yost says. "We haven't done that. Before, all of our planning was, 'We have to get into the playoffs; got to find out how to get there.'

You still have to get there. We feel now for the first time we have a team that's capable of doing that. We thought we did last year and then the thought became reality."

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Weekend classic

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed so many things in his short lifespan, and no doubt you've heard many of them.  Before any of the pop stars today, Mozart was able to craft a melody that could stick in your head forever.  The finale of Mozart's Third Horn Concerto is one such piece.

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