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Royals V. White Sox: Spring Training Game XIX


Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There is no happier sight than seeing Alex Gordon back on the field for the Royals. Except for maybe that Sal Perez double past a diving Oakland third baseman. That was pretty cool.

Or Lorenzo Cain laying out for a catch in the World's Series.

No, I might still have to go with Gordon. He's back in the lineup today after surgery in the off-season to fix a wrist that started bothering him sometime late last season. Presumably it started bothering him right around the time he stopped hitting home runs.

The Royals will square off against AL Central opponents the Chicago White Sox, who made several moves in the off-season to try and catch up the American League champions. Whether or not it will be enough remains to be seen.

Not a whole lot of intrigue in today's pitching matchups, as Joe Blanton squares off against Brad Penny, neither of whom are expected to make their respective rosters, and more or less are being floated as rotational depth in the minors, if even that should come to pass.

Gordon will be hitting third, as Escobar continues to lead off, and Mike Moustakas gets the nod to hit second. A lot of off days today as well, as Cain, Hosmer, Perez, and Rios will not be starting.


Escobar SS
Moustakas 3B
Gordon LF
Morales 1B
Infante DH
Eibner RF
Colon 2B
Kratz C
Dyson CF