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Royals Rumblings - News for March 23, 2015

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Get better soon, Jimmy Faseler.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for March 23, 2015

Ned Yost cares not for your projections.

But there is nothing like unanimity regarding the Royals among the baseball media. Two prominent analytical websites predicted that the Royals will finish with a losing record. When this is mentioned to the manager, he is, to put it gently, dismissive.

"I don't care about that," Yost says. "That is National Enquirer stuff as far as I'm concerned. That stuff doesn't make any sense to me so I completely dismiss it. I don't even look at it."

Chris Young is embracing his relief role with the Royals.

"Look, it’s a performance-based game," Young said on Friday night. "I’ve got to perform. That’s all that matters. Whatever they ask of me, I’ll be prepared for mentally, physically. I’ll be ready to go. And take the ball and give the best effort I have."

In case you missed it, here is the Weekend Rumblings with Andy McCullough's roster predictions, why an eight-man bullpen is silly, and why we root for underdogs.

So, exactly when does the eighth guy pitch? Frankly, with Holland, Davis, Herrera, Frasor, Young and, come mid-April, Hochevar, when does the SEVENTH guy pitch?

You can check out Chris Kamler's book on the Royals 2014 season and his time with Sung Woo Lee here.

Alex Gordon played in a baseball game on Saturday, and despite lackluster results, the good news is he stayed healthy.

A Royals starting pitcher finally performed well as Danny Duffy looked sharp in a 4-2 win over the Giants. Give us back the World Championship trophy.

Omar Infante played second base in a minor league game.

Franklin Morales is competing for a bullpen spot while dealing with a sore throat.

Grant Brisbee tries to look for teams that might be interested in Ryan Howard and I wish the Royals weren't a possibility.

Yours truly was on the podcast "Baseball, Beer, and BBQ" (three of my favorite things!) to discuss the Royals (starts at about the 9:30 mark).

Joe Maddon thinks managers should have walk-out songs.

What should Ned's be?

John Sickels takes a look back at the career of former Royals pitcher Ervin Santana.

Former Royals great Bret Saberhagen had a good time in camp.

The Cubs top the list of top farm systems for The Royals did not make the top ten.

Baseball hopes to add excitement on the last day of the season by having all games start at 2 p.m. Central Time.

Will local blackouts be lifted for live streaming on MLBtv by opening day? Not so fast.

Maybe diving into first base isn't so crazy?

Your 2015 ZIPS spreadsheet.

Rob Neyer wishes bush leagues wouldn't be so bush league.

The "Macaroni Grill" chain of restaurants was apparently worth only the amount paid for Brett Anderson, by the Rockies owner.

Esquire has its list of the 20 greatest baseball books ever.

Three guys go on an adventure in Houston's abandoned Astrodome.

The Sweet 16 is set. Wichita State pulls off the upset over Kansas. Governor Sam Brownback was a bit of a bandwagon fan. Wichita State wouldn't mind playing Kansas every year. I bet!

How the NCAA killed scoring in college basketball.

The case for automatic voter registration.

Should college students be protected from distressing ideas?

FACT: "Newsradio" was the best sitcom of the 90s.

On a serious note, Royals super fan Jimmy Faseler was shot in a burglary attempt on his home over the weekend. It sounds like he is recovering, but from everyone at Royals Review, our thoughts go out to Jimmy and his friends and family. Get better buddy. Here is a gofundme fundraiser to help him with his medical costs.

Your song of the day is Mumford and Songs with "The Boxer."