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2015 Royals Review Fantasy Baseball League

Consider this a fantasy baseball open thread.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Come April we will have real baseball. Real in the sense that the games "count." We will also have "unreal" baseball as well: fantasy. That baseball most assuredly doesn't "count." This is digital baseball, and we are going to communally play it. Well, 10 of us are going to communally play it while the non-players are going to communally read about it, or you won't. Either way, it'll happen.

This is baseball as a derivative.

We're looking for nine players managers humans to sit behind a computer or iPad and make decisions. We'll be playing at CBS's fantasy pages which you can read all about the rules here. The preferred style of playing will be head-to-head points based, and it's for a reason.

Here's my short essay entitled "What I Like About Head-to-Head Points Leagues." I like head-to-head points leagues because it's a little more contextually rewarding. You don't just win categories, you get points for each event that happens.

This league will feature weekly roster locks which requires you to gamble at times on if your star pitcher is going to be healthy or if he'll actually make two starts. Should you start your Top-30 outfielder on the rare monday/thursday off week? You'll have to chose by 5pm each Monday*.

Periodically we'll recap the action as well. This will allow you to cheer on your favorite human behind a computer, jeer that 100 point loss I had in Week 6, and applaude or mock add/drops.

If you'd like to be a part of the league please email me at, and in advance I'd ask you to please not sign me up for any spam or Republican/Democrat newsletters.

Meanwhile the draft will be within a couple days after the players are set. If I get more than nine responses then I'll draw names in the trial of luck and whatever God you may pray to.

* Or whatever time the first game of the week starts

Consider this a fantasy baseball open thread. Have you had your draft yet? Do you do AL-only or MLB-wide? 5x5? Roto? Head-to-head? What are your fantasy baseball drafting strategies? How many points do bunts get in your league?