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Royals vs. White Sox. Spring Training Game 22 open thread

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Due to the length of the previous forgetting to put up a game thread, we join this contest already in progress.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

We join a scoreless game in the top of the 3rd inning. Jason Vargas has thrown 26 pitches.

At present, the Royals in this game look like the Royals we'll see in the regular season. But the bench still contains guys who are facing the uncertainty of another round of cuts. In an article linked in this morning's Rumblings, C.J. Nitkowski described what it felt like to be in Spring Training when going north with the team is not a sure thing. It gives us something to reflect on if we get to see any of the guys fighting for the last couple roster spots play tonight.

In equally important news, FOX has graced us with a focus on Mitch "MITCH!" Maier, in the role of 1st base coach. Rusty Kuntz is saying nice things about him to Joel Goldberg.

The stats may not matter, but it's baseball on our dear Fox Sports Kansas City. That means we're this close to the real thing, right?