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Royals vs. Mariners, Spring Training Game 23 open thread

Spring Training plugs onward.

Perhaps Guthrie is leading the charge.
Perhaps Guthrie is leading the charge.
Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

Your opening day starters: Yordano Ventura vs. Jeff Samardzija. At least it's not Carlos Rodon, who just last night sliced through the Royals' lineup like a flaming knife through warm, wet butter.

Today, The Royals face the Mariners for a Spring clash in the Battle for Grass Creek. Jeremy Guthrie gets the starting nod for the boys in blue. The Mariners have a split-squad game, so they'll be at only half strength for the battle. Their lineup tweet is insufferable because it includes the other lineups that matter not for the battle, which makes one wonder if those other lineups matters at all. There is nothing more important happening today.

Casey Kotchman is playing. He's a fella who last logged major league time in 2013 with the Marlins. I'm going to assume he's leading the charge into the battlefield. It could be Guthrie though. He can throw shoes.