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Royals Rumblings - News for March 27, 2015

How will you remember the Jandel Gustave era in Kansas City?

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Royals Rumblings - News for March 27, 2015

Ned Yost announced Yordano Ventura will get the call on Opening Day.

"He’s ready for it," Yost said. "He’s got the stuff. He’s got the composure. And he really wants to do it. Wants to be that guy. I wouldn’t say it was an easy decision. But it was a decision that we’re really, really comfortable with."

With Jandel Gustave claimed by the Padres, the final spot in the bullpen appears to be down to Brian Flynn and Louis Coleman.

Manager Ned Yost indicated southpaw Franklin Morales is still considered a favorite to make the team despite a recent dip in his effectiveness. Yost has identified both Luke Hochevar and Ryan Madson as candidates to make the opening-day roster, but he conceded on Thursday each man requires additional time in the minor leagues to sharpen up and rebuild arm strength. Hochevar likely will begin the season on a rehabilitation assignment, while Madson will return to live competition for the first time since 2011.

Alex Rios has re-injured his thumb, the same one he injured last year.

Rios jammed the digit during his final at-bat on Wednesday night. Manager Ned Yost estimated Rios would receive two or three days off.

"We’re going to nip that in the bud here," Yost said on Thursday morning. Yost indicated Rios was dealing with swelling in his thumb and had been managing the condition for "a little bit." Rios resided in the training room while the clubhouse was open to reporters.

I feel like this may be an issue going forward.

Speaking of Rios, Fangraphs ranks the Royals 22nd in right-field performance this year.

Alex Rios is going to split time between DH and right field in 2015, sharing a job with Kendrys Morales on one end and Lorenzo Cain on the other. This has to be one of the most interesting things happening in baseball this season. It might not sound that compelling on it’s face, but the Royals have one of baseball’s most graceful players (Cain) and one of the lumbering-est guys (Morales). To further this wonderful dichotomy, the Royals are subsequently going to ask a third player to split his time with both Cain and Morales.

There’s a player whose job it is to play Lorenzo Cain’s position one day and Kendrys Morales’ the next. That’s someone’s job!

I hadn't heard that Rios will split time at DH. Is this really a thing?

Bo Jackson visited the Fox Sports Kansas City booth during Wednesday's telecast and had things to say.

On his former teammate Hudler: "Hyperactive. Hyper-active. ... I see he hasn't taken his Ritalin yet. He has not taken his medicine."...

On the Royals' playoff run: "I was ecstatic. I was as happy as a little girl who got a brand new bicycle."

Here are some of the other interviews during the game including Ned Yost's in-game interview from the telecast.

In this video, Ned Yost says Omar Infante is getting stronger.

Jim Callis ranked the Royals fourth in the best farm system in developing talent over the last five years.

Kansas City nearly rode its system to a World Series championship last year, building the second-most homegrown playoff team in 2014 -- behind only St. Louis. The Royals' in-house highlights included Kelvin Herrera, Greg Holland, Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas, Wil Myers and Jake Odorizzi (the key pieces in the James Shields trade), Salvador Perez and Yordano Ventura. has their top 30 Royals prospect list out.

Sam Mellinger wants your picks in his "Totally Official Royals Over-Under" challenge.

Lee Judge spends a whole column telling us how difficult his time at the airport was.

The guys at "Talk to Contact", a Twins podcast, had me on to talk Royals (interview begins at the one hour mark).

The situation in Venezuela is worsening, leading to baseball stars fleeing the native land of Royals catcher Salvador Perez.

The whistle-blower who made public that Royals and Chiefs fans were eating unsafe food has been fired.

A Jimmy Faseler update:

The Royals sent "get well" wishes to Faseler, who is recovering from a gunshot wound. His gofundme page is here, by the way.

The NHL's Ottawa Senators are trying to follow in the Royals footsteps.

The Mets are trying to improve their defense by predicting here the ball will be hit.

The Twins parody the new "Star Wars" trailer in this promotion for a Phil Hughes bobblehead.

Marc Normandin looks back at the brief baseball career of Randy Poffo, better known as Randy "The Macho Man" Savage.

Former Cardinals outfielder Curt Ford is considering leaving St. Louis after being assaulted by a man who tells him to go back to Ferguson.

The Wrigley Field renovation may take longer than expected.

"Every Day Should Be Sunday" on SB Nation is trying to buy the naming rights for the Independence Bowl with an offer of zero dollars.

This "Beer Madness" Final Round pits Kansas City's Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale vs. St. Louis' Schlafly Kolsch.

Dumb Chicago sports radio jock apologizes for misogynistic tweets.

In defense of shorts.

Can you spot Kansas City in the trailer for the latest Arnold Schwarzenegger film?

You can sit next to friend of Royals Review Jon Hamm at a bench in New York City.

CNN animated recreations are just...terrible.

The nine best hoaxes on Wikipedia.

These Kindle book covers are....something.

Your song of the day is Run-D.M.C. with "Peter Piper."