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Weekend Rumblings - News for March 28, 2015

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Single-digit days to baseball, people. This is not a drill.

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Weekend Rumblings - News for March 28, 2015

Alex Rios sat out again yesterday due to his thumb injury.  Rios sounds resigned to the likely fact that he'll need to deal with it throughout the season.  Lovely.

Alex Rios does not expect the occasional discomfort in his right thumb to disappear for good. He played with this condition for the second half of 2014. He has grown used to the pain he experiences on mis-hit balls and ill-timed swings. He described protecting his thumb as a "matter of management from now on" as he begins his first season as a Royal.

"There’s no way to find a way to figure out for it not to hurt," Rios said. "There’s so many factors that go into these kind of things. But we’re trying to find ways to protect it, at least. That’s one thing that we can do."

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Ed Moore at Kings of Kauffman argues that an elite bullpen, like the one the Royals possess, is like having an ace starter.

I’m not denying the talents of Volquez, Guthrie, or Vargas, or even remotely proclaiming them invaluable, I’m just saying they don’t even touch Clayton Kershaw in ability. They’re no aces. But with such a cunning, lights out bullpen behind them in support, the amalgamation of talent effectively creates an “ace.” This creation, a virtual hydra, could be a beast to be reckoned with if successful. It’s not what’s been done in the past, but it’s a possible new direction in baseball.  A direction bred from financial necessity and risk-saving.

The whistleblower in the nasty Truman Sports Complex food debacle after the World Series has been fired by Aramak.  Clean food seems to be a good idea...but maybe I'm missing something here.

The food safety manager who went public last fall with allegations of unsafe food handling and pictures of bugs, mouse feces and moldy food at Kansas City's Kauffman and Arrowhead stadiums has been fired.

Jon Costa shared with "Outside the Lines" a copy of a letter he said his former employer, Aramark, sent him on March 17 saying Costa was being fired "for cause." The letter outlines a number of reasons, the first of which is that he violated the company's media policy by taking his concerns public.

Are you prepared for Royals haikus? Paul Torlina and Pine Tar press sure are.  They've got haikus for most of the starting roster.  Can you do better?

Look, it's just really weird to see Andy Reid in blue, but it's cool he's supporting the team.

Other articles of interest

Your photo gallery for the week isn't a photo gallery, but instead one fascinating, mesmerizing GIF of every Lamborghini ever.

Buttons are on different sides for men's and women's clothing.  But why? The internet knows!

How about that James Bond teaser trailer? I'll be honest--I have no idea what's going on but I guess that's the point.

Marijuana is in a weird place legally, but it's more easily accessible now than it's ever been.  Here's what it actually does to people's bodies.

It turns out that colleges depend on Greek Life quite a bit, which is why they're so hard to regulate.

Weekend Classic

Opera is often divisive, and those who dislike (or claim to dislike) classical or art music particularly loathe opera.  I personally am not a large fan of the genre, as the acoustics force singers to adopt an often ridiculous vibrato for volume purposes and the plots are often convoluted.  Still, I enjoy some operas, and almost any prelude or overture is certain to be great.

This is the orchestral prelude to the first act of Richard Wagner's opera Parsifal, premiered in 1882.  Wagner is beautiful but often extraordinarily difficult to play (although I suppose that's part of why it is so beautiful).

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