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Royals V. Diamondbacks: Spring Training Game XXV

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Duffman squares off against the Son of Hellick.

Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

In what is likely to be his final tune-up before the regular season begins, Danny "Duffman" Duffy sets his sights on the brilliant, shimmering Back-Diamonds of Arizona. Countering the leftie will be Jeremy Hellickson, whom the Tampa Rays disposed of after his ERA finally started reflecting his FIP.

After Yordano Ventura no-hit the Seattle Mariners through seven last night, you start to get the feeling that the Royals might be on to something here. And Duffy is going to be a big reason as to how this season goes.

It is the second-to-last Saturday before real baseball starts. This past off-season has seemed to be a much shorter affair than what we are used to. Playing into the meaty days of October will do that to you. Season previews, projections, and prognostications will soon be flooding the internet for our consumption. Enjoy the quiet days, for they are lain dying. Spring is upon us, and the boys of summer will return to the field soon.