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2015 Royals Review predictions thread

These will probably all be wrong, so bookmark this to yell at us in October.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Well we're down to just one week to go before Royals baseball begins, so we might as well get our predictions on paper for posterity. No edits, no backsies, no crossed-fingers, these are your predictions for the season. Just in case you want to see how bad everyone one was at predicting the 2014 season, here is that year's prediction thread, where no one predicted the Royals would overcome a 7-3 deficit in the Wild Card to win the game and go on to win the American League pennant. Such critical spirits.

Let's start with the boys in blue. How will they follow up their pennant-winning season? We asked our writing staff.

Not a lot of confidence in Kendrys Morales, eh? Critical spirits. How do our writers see the Central Division shaping up?

The writing staff seems to think it will be mostly a two-team race between the Tigers and Indians, with Tyler and Joshua Ward thinking the White Sox will be in the mix. The Royals project to be firmly in third place or worse. We can all agree though, that the Twins are just terrible.

How about the league as a whole?

What about post-season awards?

And finally, World Series predictions.

What are your predictions for the 2015 season?