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Royals Rumblings - News for March 31, 2015

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The Royals should play "The Thong Song" for the 6th inning.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

It was a glorious sight in Surprise, yesterday, as Alex Gordon went yard.

Gordon was 3-for-24 coming into the game before hitting his first spring home run. He is still trying to get his timing down after offseason right wrist surgery.

"It's not bad," Gordon said. "I feel like I'm doing pretty good getting ready for the season."

Ned wants to give Alex plenty of time to come back.

"He’s still getting his timing and stuff," manager Ned Yost said. "He’s going to be fine. The big thing is that he’s not hurting. He’ll be a little sore sometimes coming in (in the morning). But it loosens up real quick. Back to normal. So that’s a good sign." Yost figures Gordon will require an extra day or two off once the season begins. The team already intends to use Jarrod Dyson to spell Lorenzo Cain on occasion. So the presence of a fifth outfielder on the roster makes sense. The team is debating between Paulo Orlando, Moises Sierra and Whit Merrifield.

Alex, who has a player option for next year he will likely decline, says he wants to stay in Kansas City.

So how are contract negotiations going?

Craig Brown at Royals Authority is skeptical that Alex Rios' decline is due to his thumb issues.

Of the previous five seasons, Rios’s best two were the same seasons he had his best fly ball distances. And what’s interesting is the ankle and thumb injury from the second half didn’t really sap his distance compared to his 2011 and 2013 seasons. It would be nice if the 2014 distance was really out of whack so we could point at his thumb and surmise that is the reason for the poor production.

Except based on his recent history, we can’t really do that. Who knows how much the thumb injury caused his power outage? We do know his power production was down before he hurt his thumb. While the injury certainly didn’t help matters, to point to it as the lone reason ignores other signs (and raw numbers) that his power was pulling a disappearing act.

Matthew DeFranks at Fox Sports writes about his lessons learned at spring training.

Lingering injuries could be troublesome. Omar Infante and Alex Rios have both battled injuries this spring that bothered them last season as well. Infante missed the first seven games of spring while dealing with an elbow spur, and Rios sat out three games this week with a thumb injury. The thumb injury hampered Rios in 2014, when he hit a career-low four home runs with Texas before signing with the Royals in the offseason. Infante, meanwhile, dealt with the elbow injury last year and had his worst season as a professional in a decade.

Terrence Gore, out with a broken jaw after being hit by a pitch, won't miss much time, says manager Ned Yost.

The team classified Gore’s injury as "play to tolerance," which means he can return to action when he can handle the discomfort. "He doesn’t need to have it wired shut or anything like that," Yost said.


Former Royals outfielder Raul Ibanez has joined Fox Sports to be their in-studio analyst. Ibanez was up for the Rays managerial position and was offered coaching positions with the Royals and Yankees.

Greenwood, Missouri police are looking for a thief.

ESPN's Buster Olney ranks the Royals thirteenth in his pre-season power rankings.

Eric Hosmer has had a strong spring, posting a .965 OPS so far, an early sign that his strong finish to 2014 could carry over to 2015.

The Royals are asking fans to pick out a new sing-along song for the 6th inning.

You have our endorsement.

Former Royals reliever Scott Downs is available.

Former Royals pitcher Everett Teaford did not make the Rays pitching staff.

This Toyota ad about baseball running in Japan is pretty awesome.

The St. Petersburg City Council rejects the Rays request to re-negotiate their lease, causing further friction between the club and local officials.

The Cubs sent top prospect Kris Bryant to the minor leagues, presumably to game his service time. The union is not amused.

Grant Brisbee compares the seemingly unbeatable Nationals with the seemingly unbeatable Rangers, who didn't stay unbeatable very long.

Nathaniel Grow at Fangraphs writes how MLBPA has a problem due to a shrinking portion of overall revenues going towards players.

Here are the Twins offering a $19 Bloody Mary with a pizza on it for some reason. Oh, to remind you of college. You know, when you used to spend $19 on a Bloody Mary.

College basketball reporter Jon Rothstein needs some new material on Twitter.

VCU's Shaka Smart could be coming to the Big 12.

Speaking of which, Rick Barnes may not be out of work for very long at all.

Can we really trust the Guinness Book of World Records anymore?

Andy Greenwald at Grantland profiles Trevor Noah, the new host of "The Daily Show."

Jay-Z reveals his plans for "Tidal" a new music streaming service.

To save its business, Matthew Yglesias argues McDonald's should ditch burgers.

Your song of the day is the new Royals sixth inning song, "The Thong Song" by Sisqo.