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Royals Rumblings - News for March 6, 2015

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Royals Devil Magic works in March too.

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Royals Rumblings - News for March 6, 2015

Royals Devil Magic lives on, thanks to a walk-off, two-run single by Cheslor Cuthbert yesterday in a 5-4 win over the Rangers. Bubba Starling also got attention, although in a bad way, for striking out three times including the ninth inning with two on. Brett Eibner went yard for the Royals in a game largely populated with minor leaguers.

Andy McCullough profiles Royals Minor League Pitcher of the Year Christian Binford.

The first, and almost assuredly only, edition of The Points Award was handed to Binford by Shields last spring. When he was a boy, Binford played catch in his backyard. His father awarded him points for accurate throws. If he collected enough points, his dad rewarded him with ice cream. Even in his youth, Christian operated with pinpoint control. He wracked up the points and reaped rewards in frozen dairy.

It is a charming little story. The problem is Binford grew to stand 6 feet 6, became a professional baseball player and one day told this story to a reporter. Shields heard about it, and concocted an idea to enliven a team meeting. He found a trophy and had a goblet installed at the apex. Into the bowl he scooped piles of cookies-and-cream.

As the players gathered on a field outside the clubhouse, Shields began a speech. Binford soon realized he was the subject of Shields’ soliloquy. Then Shields marched over to Binford and offered him his prize and a spoon. "And I ate it," Binford said. "Nine a.m. I ate it."

Omar Infante is still not 100%, but he will DH tomorrow.

Darin Watson at Pine Tar Press looks at the Brandon Finnegan dilemma facing the Royals.

When you draft a college starting pitcher in the first round, you should be expecting a major league starting pitcher in a few years. Sure, it doesn’t always work that way, but that should be the expectation. If that pitcher ends up in the bullpen, it needs to be as a stud back-of-the-pen reliever rather than a mediocre middle reliever. That’s the difference between Luke Hochevar and Aaron Crow.

Furthermore, a small-market team like the Royals must be able to develop starting pitching; it’s just too darn expensive to acquire. The Royals have a promising trio of starting pitching prospects in Finnegan, Kyle Zimmer, and Sean Manaea. But as recent history has shown, the odds are against all three becoming impact starters. Therefore, all three should be given as many opportunities to succeed as a starter as possible; the bullpen is always a last-resort possibility.

Matthew DeFranks of Fox Sports Kansas City looks at some bounceback candidates for the Royals.

Morales' season was cut almost in half in 2014 because teams did not want to sign him in the offseason and lose a draft pick. He eventually signed with Minnesota in June and was later traded to Seattle. He played in just 98 games and posted a .218/.274/.338 slash line to go along with eight home runs and 42 RBIs. Last season was Morales' first since 2011 (when he missed the entire season due to injury) without 20 home runs. But if he plays a full season he should easily surpass last year's numbers and replace Billy Butler as the everyday designated hitter.

Well this is a sight for sore eyes, Alex Gordon hitting soft-toss.

Jeremy Guthrie will appear in the documentary "Sneakerheadz" about his obsession with sneakers. The film will debut at South by Southwest on March 16.

Speaking of Guthrie and sneakers, he supposedly retired from his obsession, but has he been caught going back on his retirement?

Here are the "Forever Royals" banners that will hang from Kauffman Stadium this year.

Jon Heyman reports that Chris Sale's availability for the season opener against the Royals is in doubt.

The Royals are spending more on payroll than you might expect considering their attendance and franchise valuation.

Giants outfielder Hunter Pence will be out 4-6 weeks with a broken arm.

Bob Nightengale of USA Today writes that the Cardinals are controversy-free, but Drew Magary at Deadspin takes issue with that.

MLBPA slams those that have leaked stories about Josh Hamilton, while a suspension is looming.

The Giants and Rays, along with the NFL's Patriots sign onto an amicus brief before the U.S. Supreme Court in support of same-sex marriage.

Filmmaker Errol Morris takes a look at the life of Mr. Met for Grantland.

Dave Cameron at Just a Bit Outside takes a look at teams that rarely trade with each other.

Can you distinguish which of these acronyms are sabermetric terms and which are military terms?

Sporting Kansas City kicks off their season Sunday, here is your MLS season preview.

Harrison Ford crashed his small plane trying to do the Kessler Run.

The AV Club did not care for "Chappie", the Neil Blomkamp robot movie that opens today.

Its illegal to sled on Capitol Hill, but these kids ain't care.

Your song of the day is Steely Dan with "Peg."