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Royals V. Reds: Spring Training Game IV

Where everything is made up and the runs don't matter.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

I love Spring. Well, I love that part of Spring that isn't fraught with allergies. And we're almost there. The Vernal Equinox is but thirteen days hence, and in between the here and now and the then and over there, we've got baseball. Beautiful, glorious, springtime baseball.

Today, the American League Champion™ Kansas City Royals face off against the Cincinnati Reds. in terms of Spring, things have been going pretty alright. They destroyed the Rangers 13-2 on Wednesday, and then rallied past them on Thursday to win 5-4.

Between now and then, though, they've been hit by a couple of injuries. Tim Collins sounds like he's going to be out for the year, after an MRI revealed ligament damage. Omar Infante has an elbow (injury), which is disheartening, considering last year he played the better part of the season with a shoulder (injury).

The Collins injury hurts a bit more, as left-handed relief pitchers are in short supply for Kansas City. An injury to him makes it more likely that Brandon Finnegan may be used as a reliever again this year. We'll see how that falls.

On the other side of the diamond sits the Cincinnati Reds. They've got parts of a great team, with Johnny Cueto and Joey Votto, Jay Bruce and Aroldis Chapman, but they also employ a few too many ex-Royals - Jason Bourgeois and Brayan Pena - to make anyone feel comfortable about how they will perform this year. Brandon Phillips is old, Billy Hamilton isn't, and somewhere in there is a rotation that, if healthy, can compete.

Asking for absolution in a Spring Training game, though, is a tad extreme. Let's just enjoy the fact that grown men are swinging clubs and throwing spheroids again, at such a level as to be shown on television, and covered on the radio. Glory days. Put me in coach, I'm ready to play. I'm talkin' baseball, Moustakas and Ventura. Talkin' baseball, The Hoz and Alex Gordon...