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Game VII Thread: The Royals of Kansas City vs. the Twins of Minnesota

The undefeatable Kansas City Royals travel to Target Field to face the 1 - 5 Minnesota Twins for their home opener.

Duffman says a lot of things
Duffman says a lot of things
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Danny Duffy and the loss-less Kansas City Royals head to Minneapolis to face the early favorites for the worst record in the American League, the 1 - 5 Twins. Duffy's first start was undone by a bit of bad luck on balls in play and an inability to get the third out after cruising through the first two. He will attempt to right the ship this afternoon, though it's hard to take issue with his 5:0 K:BB last start.

The Twins will send Trevor May to the mound to attempt to dispatch of the suddenly powerful Royals offense. May came to the organization as the second piece the Twins got back (along with Vance Worley) in the Ben Revere deal in December of 2012. May struggled mightily last season, suffering through 45.2 IP of misery. Despite a K/BB of 2.00, May was undone by an ungodly .377 BABIP, leading to a 7.88 ERA. His 4.77 FIP was far from awesome, but it does support the notion that maybe Trevor May wasn't nearly as terrible as his ERA would suggest. In other words, maybe he wasn't "Ricky Nolasco bad."

While the Royals of yore sure look dead and buried, these newfangled confident Royals could sure do the doubting Thomases among the fanbase waiting for the other shoe to drop a huge favor and drop a 20-spot on the lowly Twins just to establish that they are, indeed, for real.

The Royals batsmen are as follows:

The dastardly Twinks will be: