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OT Off-Day Thread: Baseball/Justified/Daredevil/Catch-all

Gettin' off [topic]

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Just because the undefeatable Royals are not playing tonight doesn't mean you jokers don't want to watch and talk about baseball. Given the fact that news of Alex Rios going to the DL spawned 600+ comments, there's probably a need for this.

Also, Justified ends tonight, and I'm guessing there are a bunch of us who will be watching that.

Who's watching Daredevil? How are you feeling about that?

Has anyone watched Bloodline yet? I love the cast and the creative team (they did Damages), but I've been waiting on someone who is in the room with me to watch it while suffering through Season Two of Orphan Black, which just refuses to coalesce into something better than just a Tatiana Maslany acting showcase.

The new D'Angelo record is really good.

So are the Royals.

All of this is really just filler to get to the OT. I've had plantar fasciitis for the past few months. It's irritating.