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Game 9 Open Thread - Royals vs. Twins Finale

Undefeated is only a dream.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Last night seemed like much of 2014. Good pitching, good defense, but a loss due to a failure to walk or hit for power.  It is no coincidence that last night was the first loss of the season as well as the first game without a walk or extra base hit.

Today, the Twins and Royals finish out their season. Normally, I'd say things about the previous contests between the two or whatever but this is only game three between the two clubs.  The lineup for the Royals looks like this:

This is a day game after a night game, so Ned Yost is going with his B team here. this Royals squad features both backup outfielders in Paulo Orlando and Jarrod Dyson as well as the season debut for utility infielder Christian Colon.  Alas, Eric Kratz is nowhere to be found. I'll put the over under on Kratz appearances this year at roughly 7.

The Twins are lining up thusly:

It's a lefty battle with Jason Vargas and Tommy Milone, two pitchers who have made lots of money being average.  For the Royals to win, they need to not hit a bunch of singles. Doubles and home runs are good. Winning is also good.