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What you need to know about Royals Opening Day


John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Royals Opening Day is just around the corner on Monday, April 6 against the White Sox, so here's a guide to some upcoming events.

Fox Sports Kansas City will re-air three classic Royals games from last year beginning at 7 a.m on Monday. They will begin with the August 11 game which put the Royals in first place and ended with a Jarrod Dyson backflip and Sung Woo Lee standing on the Royals Hall of Fame with a giant "W" in his hands in triumph. That will be followed by the September 15 game against the White Sox that ended with a walk-off infield single by Lorenzo Cain that scored Terrance Gore from second base. Finally, FSKC will air the September 26 game against the White Sox where the Royals clinched their first post-season spot in 29 years. Following that, they will begin their coverage of the Royals Opening Day contest against the Chicago White Sox.

Monday is also Greater Kansas City Day, with volunteers selling newspapers with the proceeds going to the Rotary Youth Club. The Kansas City Star is hosting a kick-off event in their Press Pavilion that morning with Royals and Chiefs players.

The parking lot at Kauffman Stadium opens at 9 a.m. on Monday. Take note that Stadium Drive is closed at Raytown Road. For west side stadium parking, continue on Raytown Road and Gate 5 on the left. For east side stadium parking, continue approximately one mile past Gate 5 and enter Gate 4 on the left. Parking is $12.

Gates at Kauffman Stadium open at  1 p.m. Remember that there are new security measures in place this year, so get to the gate early. The pre-game ceremonies begin at 2:09. The ring presentation will be at 2:29. At 2:39 they raise the "2014 American League Champions" flag, and I am already getting chills just thinking about it. At 2:51 they introduce the good guys, and at 3:03 the Kansas City Symphony will perform the National Anthem.

At 3:10, Yordano Ventura will throw the first pitch of the 2015 Kansas City Royals season.

I will be boiling some shrimp with Sweep_the_Leg and a few other slobs in Lot N if you want to stop by and say hello. Who else plans on being at Opening Day? If you're not attending, what are your plans to watch the Royals Monday?