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Royals vs. Twins, Game 15 GameThread

The series finale before the Royals jet off to Chicago to face the White Sox.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Pray for us. Mrs. Kevin and I will be attending this evening's contest. It's not supposed to be warm. There won't be puppies there like yesterday *fist shake*. Aramark, who is likely to provide our sustenance tonight, is under fire for terrible food safety violations again. I've been on food inspections and worked in restaurants. It's not hard to avoid "critical" food safety violations. Get rid of bad food. Clean up. Bam. Whatever. I like the chicken fingers at the Boulevard concession stand. I'll probably get those. Ice cream isn't handled by Aramark. Might get that.

On the bright side, the Royals are 11-3, tied with the Tigers for the AL Central lead. The Mets bring their 11-3 record from the NL to round out the tie atop the overall MLB standings. The Tigers start David Price tonight against the Yankees' Adam Warren in Detroit. I'd say the Tigers have greater odds to win than the Yankees, so the Royals must win to keep pace.

The Royals have taken two games from the Twins and look to bring out the brooms. This might happen.

Jeremy Guthrie gets the start tonight against Mike Pelfrey. Pelfrey has not been good. He has been bad. #Analysis. Guthrie also hasn't been good, but he's been less bad than Pelfrey. #DeepDiveAnalysis.