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Royals lose boring game to Twins 3-0

In other news...

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

By the time Mrs. Kevin and I arrived at our seats, Jeremy Guthrie had given up three runs and forgotten how to throw the ball all of the 60 feet and 6 inches. The score was 3-0 Twins after a series of walks and hits and a HBP. I apologize for what follows. I had a devil of a time trying to get all the photos oriented correctly while getting this recap up in a timely manner. My attempts did not work (photos were taken on an iPad Mini 2, with which we do not have much experience doing anything. My HTML attempts to rotate the photos were fruitless). The idea was to take photos and take advantage of the K's new WiFi to chronicle the day. It worked better in theory than in practice. You'll see the practice.

First inning: Food. Aramark does in fact serve tasty food.


corn dog

Hey, Kevin, what's over there?!!?!?!

missing fries

Silly Mrs. Kevin! There's nothing over there!

kat fries

Top of the second: Torii Hunter engages in a misguided attempt to steal home. Guthrie goofed up his windup to throw home more quickly. After the play, the umpires had to discuss the play.

We were confused.


Bottom of the third inning. Two Royals on base. Mrs. Kevin on Mike Pelfrey's control: "Control your ball or I will control my fist into your face!" She's just cool like that.

After the Royals made outs in the fourth inning, we decided to venture out into the wilds of the stadium. You've encountered a wild beer!

wild beer

You've encountered wild ice cream!

wild ice cream

The ice cream was undeniably delicious. We hung around the Pepsi Porch for awhile, and nothing continued to happen. The Royals reached base a few times, maybe even had the bases loaded, but as you probably know, nothing came of it. We wandered around some more. To the center field camera view!

center field view

Paulo Orlando comes up to the plate and probably doesn't do anything. Not even a triple. Nevertheless, Guthrie started, and my wife does musical theater. Soo...


We decided to spend our final moments exploring the new craft beer place. Here are the beers they had on tap during the game.

beers on tap

In the end, the Royals lost. Guthrie had a LOT of difficulty finding the strike zone, and the offense couldn't string together anything to score any runs. That's not for lack of trying...Pelfrey wasn't great. The Royals had plenty of opportunities to score, but they just couldn't capitalize on what they had. That's how baseball goes sometimes. Royals lose 3-0, but we're still happy for baseball.