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Reactions to the Royals-White Sox brawl

This is getting old, Yordano.

Jon Durr/Getty Images

The Royals continued having dust-ups with teams, as their Thursday night game against the White Sox was interrupted by a bench-clearing brawl that led to five ejections. In the seventh inning, Yordano Ventura fielded a quick shot back to the mound from White Sox hitter Adam Eaton, then barked something at Eaton as he ran to first base. Benches emptied and five players were ejected - Ventura, Lorenzo Cain, Edinson Volquez for the Royals, and Chris Sale and Jeff Samardzija for the White Sox.

Here is the play.

Here's Ventura barking at Eaton.

Ryan Lefebvre seemed to think Adam Eaton barked something at Ventura first.

Mike Jirschele may have gotten the worst of it.

Ken Rosenthal thinks Ventura is putting his teammates in jeopardy.