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Royals Rumblings - News for April 24, 2015

A blog about Brett Lawrie, and occasionally, the Royals.

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Royals Rumblings - News for April 24, 2015


Albert Pujols called Ned Yost to tell him he never called the Royals "bush league."

"He was concerned," Yost said. "He lived in Kansas City. And he’s got a lot of friends in Kansas City. He said he’s got far too much respect for our team and our players to say anything like that. He said he just wanted us to know that that didn’t come from him."

Lawrie says he never claimed to be speaking for Pujols.

That was an erroneous interpretation of Lawrie’s comments following the Royals’ suspensions on Tuesday. Two media outlets, including The Chronicle, thought Lawrie said that Pujols had told him the Royals do "bush-league stuff," when in fact by that point, Lawrie was discussing himself – he was saying that’s how the Royals behave, rather than Pujols, two distinct sentences rather than one.

Here is what Lawrie said: "I talked to Albert Pujols at first base. This guy has been in the game forever, he’s one of the best players in the game. And for him to say that, ‘Hey man, you’re playing the game hard.’ And for them (the Royals) to do that, it’s bush league stuff. "

Lee Judge has just about had it with Brett Lawrie.

When I was working on the book "Throwback" with Jason Kendall, he wasn’t shy about expressing his opinions. Kendall believed that if a hitter had a problem with what a pitcher did, the hitter could go to the mound and do something about it. And if the hitter didn’t want to confront the pitcher, he should shut up and take his base. An annoying number of people — or maybe that should be a number of annoying people — choose a third alternative: they huff and puff, point fingers and wait for their teammates to come out of the dugout and hold them back. When I asked him what he thought of Lawrie’s reaction to Herrera’s pitch, Kendall said: "He had his chance and he let Greg Gibson hold him back."


Greg Holland will be evaluated this weekend to see when he can start throwing.

"It feels a lot better," Holland said. "It’s just one of those things where it is more just uncomfortable to pitch. It wasn’t like daily routine stuff that bothered me. It was just the actual throwing itself. So since I went on the DL, I’ve felt pretty normal. But we’ve been cautious, as far as staying on off of it and just giving it time to calm down, so it doesn’t flare back up."

Salvador Perez makes Steven Martano's "All 25-and-Under" Team.

Salvador Perez leads the young team behind the dish and it is not even close. He posted a 3.1 fWAR and showed historical durability. Perez caught a record 143 regular season games and followed it up up catching all 15 Royals postseason games. As an encore, he was the starting backstop for the MLB team that toured Japan shortly after the season ended. He did struggle down the stretch a bit, but as an everyday catcher, Perez is MLB's iron-man and the ideal player behind the dish for the ‘25 and under' team.

John Lamb made his season debut for Omaha last night.

Brett Eibner is on the disabled list for Omaha with a strained hamsring.

Former Royals farmhand Rey Navarro is in the big leagues.

Not bad.

Jeff Zimmerman looks for a relationship between velocity and pitcher injuries.

Pete Rose will be allowed to attend All-Star Game festivities in Cincinnati, which reminds me, Ned Yost is managing that game!

Tigers closer Joe Nathan's season may be over, as well as his career, after he suffers a torn UCL.

Joe Posnanski tries to determine the best pitcher in baseball history, and no its not Kyle Davies.

The Yankees and Alex Rodriguez will likely argue over whether hitting 660 home runs is a "marketable milestone."

Seth Myers visits Yankee Stadium.

Former MLB shortstop Julio Lugo has been arrested on kidnapping charges. tries to explain WAR.

Cowboys linebacker Greg Hardy gets a ten game suspension for domestic violence.

The Spurs' Kawhi Leonard is your NBA Defensive Player of the Year.

Jay-Z's "Tidal" is failing because no one cares about rich artists.

Andy Greenwald of Grantland has his thoughts on "The American" season finale.

Your song of the day is Tones on Tail with "Go!"