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Royals-White Sox post-game comments

Both sides sound surprisingly cool.

Jon Durr/Getty Images

The Royals and White Sox took to arms tonight in a seventh-inning bench-clearing brawl in the middle of Kansas City's 3-2 extra-inning win. The incident stemmed from a ground ball back to Yordano Ventura off the bat of Adam Eaton in which Ventura and Eaton jawed at each other. Ostensibly Eaton yelled at Ventura for "quick-pitching" him, and Ventura responded with a four-letter expletive (hey, his English is improving!)

After an ensuing brawl in which five players were ejected, the Royals and White Sox had surprisingly calm and mature comments after the game.

The conflict may have begun in the top of the seventh, after Christian Colon lined into a double play.

After the game, Adam Eaton took the high road.

Chris Sale was mum.

Samardzija, on the other hand, was not available.

Eric Hosmer spoke for the Royals and stepped up as a leader.

The Royals say they're closer than ever.

"We've got to have each other's backs," outfielder Jarrod Dyson explained. "If you come at us, we're not going to back down. We're going to keep playing the game our way."

Yordano says he has some growing up to do.

Where was Ned during all of this?

Mike Jirschele, pushed down by Jeff Samardzija during the melee, is fine.

Ned's just trying to get through to the rascally kid.

How long will this last, Ned?