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Royals, White Sox receive punishment for Thursday's brawl

Six players receive suspensions, four for the Royals.

Jon Durr/Getty Images

Major League Baseball has issued suspensions today over Thursday's brawl between the White Sox and Royals. For the Royals, Yordano Ventura will face a seven game suspension, Edinson Volquez will get a five game suspension, Lorenzo Cain will get a two game suspension, and Kelvin Herrera will get a two game suspension. Herrera's suspension will be on top of the five game suspension he received for throwing at Brett Lawrie on Sunday. Ventura is suspended for being a repeat offender, and Cain and Volquez each get suspensions for their role in the brawl. It is not entirely clear what Herrera's role was in Friday's brawl. All players received fines as well, and can appeal their suspensions.

For the White Sox, Jeff Samardzija and Chris Sale were each suspended five games apiece. Catcher Tyler Flowers was fined, but not suspended. Adam Eaton, who barked at Ventura to set off the entire incident, received no punishment.

The Royals players will likely file appeals to delay their suspensions until the pitching staff is in a better position to absorb the loss of those players.