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Round One: Royals Review Sixth Inning Song Contest

Here it is. Here you are. Let the brackets begin.

After an exhaustive search for the best songs that Royals Review has to offer, the entries have been put into a bracket and are ready for your votes.

A couple of notes about the contest:

  • Songs were placed into the bracket by random draw
  • Every song that was submitted that met the guidelines was entered into the contest. Good on you, folks. Thanks for participating.
  • The only song that was not included, that I also happen to enjoy, was Bring Da Ruckus by Wu Tang Clan. It did not meet our guidelines.
  • I bent the rules and included two Kenny Loggins songs, considering they are a) theme songs from different movies and b) Kenny Loggins.

Here is a link to the paper bracket.

Here is the link to the form where you can vote. Only complete brackets will be accepted for voting.

And if you were thinking to yourself, "I haven't heard some of these songs," well, guess what? Here is a link to a YouTube playlist that has all of the contestants in it.