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Game XXI Thread: The Royals of Kansas City versus the Racists of Cleveland

Yordano Ventura faces off against Danny Salazar and the Racists. An epic battle is before us.

Watch out racism, a new sheriff's in town.
Watch out racism, a new sheriff's in town.
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

That Yordano Ventura has long been at the fore in the battle against racism the world over is no surprise to readers here. Ever since he broke into the league, Ventura's disdain toward racists and his actions against them have been something that supporters of the cause could point to as their beacon of light.

Now in recent weeks, pro-racism detractors have attempted to sully his name and marginalize the cause, classifying his antics as bush league while conveniently ignoring the fact that his actions were employed in the battle against racism.

With the Racists occupying the opposite dugout, Ventura's battle will take the stage once again, and this time the whole world will be watching. If Ventura can quash the Racists this evening, it would strike a serious, possibly fatal blow to their cause.

The Racists are on life support. Attendance has been so poor that Cleveland management have begun trying to court the growing market of the Maritime Provinces, scheduling their start times to coincide with the prime time hour in Halifax, the most logical landing point in the time zone as no one seems likely to try to relocate to a city in the bizarre Newfoundland Time Zone with its UCT-2:30 nonsense during daylight saving time.

Perhaps Cleveland's owner, having been rebuffed in her quest to relocate the team to Miami, has taken a shine to Prince Edward's Island after getting into the Anne of Green Gables series. It's hard to say the Racists have taken to such a strange start time strategy if it were not in preparation for such a move.

In their attempt to maintain relevance and champion the cause of racism, Cleveland will send Danny Salazar to the mound. Salazar's feelings about racism are very much in line with Ventura's, but the Racists sign his paycheck, leading to much inner turmoil. Whether he can maintain focus on the mound today will surely be a key factor in Cleveland's success.

Yordano Ventura versus the Racists. An epic battle is ahead of us.