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Royals vs Astros: Exhibition Game 1

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

In 1836 real estate entrepreneurs Augustus and Kirby Allen came to what was then known as the Buffalo Bayou and purchased 6,600 acres of land. In 2015, the Kansas City Royals come for a different purpose: to play major league baseball. This game still doesn't count, but we're getting closer to the games that do count.

Why, oh why, is this world so cruel that meaningful baseball can't be played yet? Well. Perhaps this baseball is meaningful. One cannot consider the soul of all people and deem something of quality. Maybe to someone, this game matters, but to your un-esteemed author, these games do not. There will be no glory for the winners...yet.

Below is a list of names. Specifically MLB baseball players, see employees, who are playing against each other today. Again, this game may not matter, but it is most certainly going to happen.

On this Good Friday, enjoy baseball... whether it be good or bad.