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Royals vs Astros: Exhibition Game 2

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

With all the big news of the Yordano Ventura extension, there's still some baseball being played today. The Royals are still in Houston, and still playing the Astros. Last night, the Royals turned a slow game into a dominating one by scoring 11 runs in the mid to late innings, including a big 9th inning that seemed to never end.

Your lineup for today's game:

Jason Vargas will take the bump with Colin McHugh opposing him on the same bump, but just at different innings. I can confirm that both pitchers won't be on said bump at the same time. If that were to happen, there would likely be:

A) A change in the MLB rules

B) Pitchers confusing what half inning it is

C) A fight has broken out.

My preference of order would be C, B, then A.

Savor this game. This is the final game of the year before the Royals play real baseball... Monday in Chicago.