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A breakdown of the Royals Opening Day roster

Charts! Maps! Mmmmm....pie charts.

The Royals Opening Day roster has been announced, and in case you missed it, here are the 25 (plus three disabled list players) that will line up for Opening Day ceremonies tomorrow:

Number Pitchers B/T Height Weight
17 Wade Davis R-R 6'5" 220
41 Danny Duffy L-L 6'3" 205
54 Jason Frasor R-R 5'9" 180
11 Jeremy Guthrie R-R 6'1" 205
40 Kelvin Herrera R-R 5'10" 200
56 Greg Holland R-R 5'10" 205
46 Ryan Madson L-R 6'6" 210
67 Franklin Morales L-L 6'1" 210
51 Jason Vargas L-L 6'0" 215
30 Yordano Ventura R-R 6'0" 180
36 Edinson Volquez R-R 6'0" 220
79 Chris Young R-R 6'10" 255
Number Catchers B/T Height Weight
19 Erik Kratz R-R 6'4" 240
13 Salvador Perez R-R 6'3" 240
Number Infielders B/T Height Weight
24 Christian Colon R-R 5'10" 190
2 Alcides Escobar R-R 6'1" 185
35 Eric Hosmer L-L 6'4" 225
14 Omar Infante R-R 5'11" 195
25 Kendrys Morales S-R 6'1" 225
8 Mike Moustakas L-R 6'0" 215
Number Outfielders B/T Height Weight
6 Lorenzo Cain R-R 6'2" 205
1 Jarrod Dyson L-R 5'10" 160
4 Alex Gordon L-R 6'1" 220
32 Paulo Orlando R-R 6'2" 210
15 Alex Rios R-R 6'5" 210

To fully understand the Royals roster, we must break it down with charts and graphs. Here is what you need to know about the 28 players that make up the Royals roster.

Royals Player Salaries

The Royals will have an opening day payroll of $115.1 million, the highest in franchise history. The salary of the average Royals player is $4,113,019, which can buy a lot of rounds at McFadden's.

Players Salary
Alex Gordon $14,000,000
Alex Rios $9,500,000
Jeremy Guthrie $9,000,000
Jason Vargas $8,500,000
Greg Holland $8,250,000
Edinson Volquez $7,500,000
Omar Infante $7,500,000
Wade Davis $7,000,000
Kendrys Morales $6,500,000
Eric Hosmer $5,650,000
Luke Hochevar $4,000,000
Alcides Escobar $3,000,000
Lorenzo Cain $2,725,000
Mike Moustakas $2,640,000
Danny Duffy $2,425,000
Kris Medlen $2,000,000
Franklin Morales $1,850,000
Salvador Perez $1,750,000
Kelvin Herrera $1,600,000
Tim Collins $1,475,000
Jason Frasor $1,250,000
Jarrod Dyson $1,225,000
Ryan Madson $850,000
Yordano Ventura $750,000
Chris Young $675,000
Erik Kratz $532,500
Christian Colon $509,525
Paulo Orlando $507,500
Bruce Chen buyout $1,000,000
Billy Butler buyout $1,000,000
Total $115,164,525

The Royals rank 16th in the league in Major League payroll, below the mean, although the Dodgers ridiculous payroll skews that a bit. The Braves and Padres payrolls have been updated to include their big trade.

The Royals are investing slightly more in pitching than in hitting, although remember the Royals have 15 pitchers on the opening day payroll, to just 13 hitters, due to injuries.


The notion that this is a young team is not really accurate anymore. The average age of the Royals Opening Day roster is close to 30, or pretty much washed-up in the tech world.

Where they are from

The Royals hail from twelve states and four different countries. Four the 46th consecutive season, the Royals will not have a player born in Norway.

How did they get here?

Dayton Moore has made a couple of shrewd trades to acquire talent, but the vast bulk of the team is either home grown, or signed through free agency. The Royals have invested more in free agency than ever before, although the team has yet to top the $55 million deal they made with Gil Meche back in 2007.

Inspired by Bluebird Banter

How many Royals are "baseball players"

The Royals have made an emphasis during the Dayton Moore on acquiring baseball players. This year's roster reveals the Royals have made great strides in accomplishing that goal.

Could the lack of diversity in non-baseball players hurt the Royals this season? Tune in Monday, at 3:10 CT to find out!