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Game I Overflow Thread: Chicago vs. Kansas City


Ed Zurga/Getty Images

The Royals are playing baseball! Real, actual baseball!  And it counts!

In the second inning, Salvador Perez rifled a double down the right field line.  Kendrys Morales scored from third, but Alex Rios was held up at third.  This is game one and we already have controversy, folks.

Meanwhile, it seems there is animosity between Kansas City Star sportswriters.  Or feigned animosity.  Either way, nice dig at Mr. Judge.

Meanwhile, Mike Moustakas has made an impact by making outs. He even sacrificed Alcides Escobar to third!  Lorenzo Cain made them pay with a single in the bottom of the third inning.


Also Moose homer, because reasons, and/or Ned Yost is a secret ninja wizard of the mind.